Are you willing to purchase new clothes for your baby? Are you still bothering yourself over your decisions? Well, if you want to get comfy clothes for your baby then make sure to know every crucial information regarding that. You don’t need to seek millions of web pages to get detailed information. Make sure to choose quality and comfy clothes. Mainly girl colors or boy colors with lovable prints might be what attracts you to a rack of infant garments.

buttons for baby clothes


  • Make sure to avoid garments with little fastens, ornamental rhinestones or bows, since they can be gagging hazards. Garments with long ties or that pull firmly around your child’s arms, legs, or neck are additionally risky. Ensure beautifications are sewed on close.
  • Shop by your child’s weight, not age. Age doesn’t mean a lot with regards to child garments; various brands unexpectedly size dresses. Weight is a superior measure and it is recorded alongside age on many infant garments.
  • Consider how simple garments will be to put on and take off. Dressing a squirming infant can be somewhat of a battle. You can use buttons for baby clothes to make clothes comfortable for your baby.
  • Make sure to choose wide necks or snaps while choosing clothes for your baby. If you want to make the dressing easier then you can consider wide necks. You can also consider availing the clothes with snaps and zippers in the front. This will make it easier to take off the clothes.
  • Make sure to prefer loose sleeves to the right ones to pull on or off easily. You can choose the button system. Make sure to access sewing buttons on handknits.
  • It is crucial to prefer 100 percent cotton and quality clothes for your baby to provide excellent levels of comfort.

sewing buttons on handknits


If you are wondering about the alternatives of buttons then you are at the correct place. Multiple times, beautiful dresses get ruined due to the messy buttonhole. It will be good to prefer alternatives of buttons to protect your clothes.

Here are top alternatives which you can consider instead of using buttons

  • Velcro

Velcro is a great option to prefer instead of buttons for your baby clothes. It is quite easy to sew Velcro and it is the first preference that comes for the alternative of buttons. It is mainly added to clothing. Velcro is easy for baby clothes and it is affordable. The sewing process is quite easy. You can also access the features of Velcro and make sure to choose this option instead of buttons.

  • Kam Snaps

You will love to use this. Kam snaps are a brand of plastic snaps which are mainly designed for home use. It is affordable and easy to apply on baby clothes. Kam snaps allow access to an easier dressing process. You can easily get the set of Kam snaps from an online store. Kam snaps come in different lengths. Make sure to choose the correct size as per the thickness of your fabric.

what to use instead of buttons on baby clothes


Make sure to choose matching threads while sewing. To make your last determination, however, you need to think about wellbeing, solace, and common sense – simple to put on and launderable. Gracious, and you likely need to think about the cost, as well. It’s OK to shop in used stores or excellent transfer looks for children for most things. Simply make certain to wash everything first. Make sure to consider buttons for baby sweaters to make them easy to wear.