It can be very tiresome to select trendy clothes that fit your growing kid, especially when you see innumerable options and varieties to choose from. But the procedure is worth everything if it brings comfort and peace to your toddler. 

Let us share some crucial tips and tricks that you should consider while picking up clothes for your kids. 

size 70 in baby clothes


  • Type Of Clothes

Well, there is an ample number of options available to choose from. But should you go for something that makes it challenging for your child to move around? Always note that young kids have a growing and developing body. Hence, their clothing should not be something that restricts their movement or limits their overall growth. 

So, what should you choose? 

For winters: Prefer a fabric that is thick yet comfortable. Opt for jackets or sweaters and use them above light T-shirts. 

For Summers: Go for comfortable t-shirts and pants. 

  • Colors

Colors set a great mood, be it a 50-year-old adult or an 8-month-old kid. Plus, it’s more challenging to enlighten a kid than an adult. Thus, while selecting babywearers, you need to choose clothes with bright colors and not dark ones. Choose something that shines bright on your kid. Choosing neutral colors would be great and would look the best on your kid. 

  • Ease Of Continuity

Kids and their clothes are most vulnerable to get spoiled. Be it playing or feeding; baby apparel can get dirty super fast. A kid’s clothes are required to be changed many times in a single day. It can take a lot of time to maintain your kid’s clothing, but it’s always worth it. Hence, it would help if you always tried choosing easy to clean clothes and can be washed in a machine quickly. This would save up a lot of your energy and time. 

  • Quantity

Always remember that how many clothes are enough for your kid. This point is highly dependable on the environment you reside in. You cannot have ample clothes for your kids as they tend to grow super fast. You should not heavily invest in single-sized clothing for your kid’s apparel. 

  • Sizing & Proper Fit

Choosing the perfect fit for your baby is the most challenging job when it comes to clothes. Their clothing items are varied and put the parents into a dilemma. 

what is size 70 in baby clothes

So, how to select? 

Kids’ clothes sizes vary according to their age and body. For instance, size 70 baby clothes are for kids between 7 to 12 months of age. 

This can be understood below:


According to the European size chart for baby clothes, size 70 baby clothes & size 70 in baby clothes are for 7 to 12 month old toddlers or for those whose height is between 26-30 inches. However, it doesn’t mean that size 70 baby clothes are mainly for the above said range. It can differ according to the body shape and size of different babies. 

size 70 in baby


Now that you have a clear idea about size 70 in baby clothes, prefer to choose your kid’s clothes wisely! The procedure of selecting baby clothes is similar to investing in the normal lifestyle of your baby. It stays with him or her all the time. Hence, make sure it is highly adorable and comfortable. Sometimes buying clothes for your baby can be confusing, but you can ace it in the first go if you know all the requirements. Remember not getting too many clothes at a time. Have the happiest shopping experience.