As a parent, it is quite heartbreaking to see your baby not taking proper sleep. It is crucial to consider every crucial step to provide quality sleep to your baby. Baby standing in crib is more like that your baby is not sleeping. We all know that proper sleep is essential for your baby. When the babies and toddlers of all ages stand up in the crib then it means that they are having problems while taking sleep. Sometimes they might cry. Here you will get to know the detailed information regarding standing in the cribs. It is crucial to know the effective ways to handle the Baby standing in crib.


By and large, infants begin standing in the crib during the multi-month rest relapse. This is when infants become significantly more portable, by and large. A few children may gain proficiency with the expertise right on time around 6 to 7 months old while others probably won’t learn until 9 to 10 months old. All children create on their schedule. If you at any point have worries about your infant’s turn of events, make certain to converse with your child’s primary care physician.

baby sitting up in crib

If you see your Child Standing In Crib and Won’t Sleep then you need to follow some effective remedies. At the point when infants are remaining in the den, they tend not to be dozing. Do they do this intentionally? No. They don’t do it intentionally. They might be facing some serious issues while sleeping.

At the point when they are mastering another ability, babies frequently “practice” in their rest. It’s something they can’t handle and when they are first figuring out how to remain around 8 to 9 months old, it tends to be debilitating. When they become older then the baby standing up in crib will be due to frustration or change in their schedules.


You need to follow some effective methods to increase the quality sleep hours of your baby. If your baby is sitting on the crib then make sure to handle it in better ways. A baby sitting up in crib or standing on the crib can be handled by following these methods.

  • Make sure to have your baby practice to teach the skill of getting back down. Practice will bring more positive results. Make sure to perform regular practice during non-sleep time and let your baby get back down. Make your baby stand on a couch or bed and then put a toy next to them. This will help your baby to bend their knees to reach that toy. This will become the nature of your baby in no time.
  • Make sure to allow some practice time in the crib as well. If you want to encourage your baby to get down to fall asleep then make sure to give practice time in the crib. This process will show drastic results and will make your baby take a proper nap.
  • You can perform sleep training. When your baby learns how to get down on their own then make sure to use sleep training. It is crucial to change their habits. Make sure to perform short-term sleep to let them gain a better habit of sleeping.

baby standing up in crib


Several other reasons will enable you to know why your baby is standing on the crib. A baby standing on crib is the way to avoid sleeping. It is essential to handle this situation properly to give proper and quality sleep to your baby.