‘Your aroma is like a baby powder’, isn’t really the compliment we expect while wearing great perfumes but somehow, it never feels like we are being insulted. It could also urge you to wear the same fragrance again and again because we really don’t imagine ourselves to smell like an angelic infant. The passion for baby powder scent perfume can definitely be credited to the demand of fresh-smelling scents. But in case you need to unlock the razzmatazz and shop to widen your own collection, read more for a short guide. 

baby powder scent perfume


Whenever individuals contemplate that baby powder scent, it’s not like the fragrance of a talcum powder. It’s a mixture of a light comforting fragrance that we often get in fine perfumes like rose, jasmine, vanilla etc. And this is nothing new, since it’s frequently stated that the majority of the baby powder perfumes are influenced by the blend of Chanel no. 5 which is among the most successful perfumes in history. 


Though it would be much more convenient to sprinkle talcum powder on ourselves to create the exact lavish fragrance, it would be best to recreate it using Cologne’s. Here are some perfumes that smells like baby powder. 

  • Chanel No. 5

This particular perfume inspired the whole baby smell products genre. This perfume was launched in the 1920s and is one of the finest fragrances found in the entire world. It’s a combination of Aldehydic, powdery scent that is fresh and soapy. It has an elegant floral fragrance of rose, jasmine etc. 

  • Kenzo Flower

This perfume is a mixture of Bulgarian rose, vanilla and parme violet and has a classic fragrance of baby powder. It has an iconic packaging and could also be used as a decor item at your place. 

  • Avon Sweet Honesty

This perfume would surely remind you of your teenage life when you would crave for a nice smelling talc. The scent is dreamy and youthful that could become your favorite soon. 

  • Demeter Baby Powder

In case you miss smelling like baby powder without even applying talc on your body, then go ahead and get Demeter’s Baby powder as it can be your dream fragrance. It smells exactly like flowers and also personifies the smell of your childhood. 

  • Anna Sui Classic

It may look very lavish but it’s fragrance is super classic and relaxing and is also calming to our noses. This bottle would look dope on your vanity too. 

  • Johnson’s Baby Cologne Powder Mist

Forgive us, but we can’t end the list without mentioning this iconic baby product. However, we don’t really think, we need to describe this product. This one is great for babies as well as adults and has a mild, sweet and floral fragrance. 

  • Royal Copenhagen

It is a fragrance that has been used for centuries now and brings out an old-school vibe. It has a powdery scent and has a large proportion of musk and a calming lavender fragrance too. It is great for adults, especially for men. 

  • Bvlgari Petits Et Mamans

The Vogue of baby scents don’t really come unnoticed by luxury brands and this particular scent from Bvlgari is an evidence. It is considered as a powdery floral created for both mother and child. It has jottings of white peach, vanilla and Petitgrain. It also comes with a playful bottle that will remind you of your childhood toys. 

baby powder perfume


These were some of our top preferences. However, you can always try and test by first getting the mini version of these mists and choose what suits you the best.