When we talk about babies learning how to walk, no two are the same. Some of the babies start walking earlier and some of them take even a year or more to take their first baby steps. With such a large gap between when your baby should be taking their first steps, it can be a bit tough to identify the correct time  to encourage them to start moving. Actions like pulling themselves up to stand, cruising, and becoming more adventurous are great ways to point out that your little one is over being stationary.


If you are acquainted with Montessori infancy, then you must have the baby pull up bar before. But if you are not acquainted with the baby pull up bar then let me tell you that it is a very simple bar but has many effective benefits for your baby’s development.

A  baby pullup bar is a safe place for your child because it helps your baby to grow up their standing skills. There is no fear if you leave your baby in the pull up bar alone because it’s totally safe so there is no danger for your baby to get hurt. It just hangs at the right point of success, and the mirror gives it a piece of interest for the child to explore herself and the environment around.

toys to help baby stand


It’s really tough to recognize when your baby will stand ,but if he has stated exploring all by himself then this is the best time for you to help your baby stand by using baby walking toys.

If you select an option that they sit down in the walking toy or the other one that they stand and push, baby walking toys is the best way to make your baby practice standing and walking

Walking toys often can seems like a set and forget it type of baby product, it is  important  for you to know that you should never leave your toddler or baby alone, if you are unable to be their with the baby at that time then tell anyone to supervise the baby to avoid any kind of accidents. One of the most important points is that the walking toys should be used only when your little one is within your eyesight.. Walking toys can be a wonderful way to encourage and also to make your baby learn to put their left foot in front of their right, especially when used incorrectly.

Some, toys to help baby stand are:

  • VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker.
  • Baby Trend 3.0 Activity Walker.
  • Baby Einstein Sky Explorers Walker.


Utilizing a Montessori Pull Up Bar in your baby’s play space is an amazing way to support their natural progress of physical development.

When your toddler tries to reach for the bar and naturally pulls himself or herself to a standing position, their muscles are developed enough in all the right places to support this action. So, therefore installing this bar in your baby’s play will drive him or her to refine their big and small movements which is the best way to optimize their physical development. It will be most effective for your baby to make a set up of his or nursery with the toys that help the baby to stand and walk.

toys to help baby stand and walk


The faith which helps with the decision to use a baby walker illustrates the role of the equipment which helps in the child’s development. The choice of the baby walker should be done properly, so that it’s totally safe for the baby.