A baby shower cannot be complete without a baby. Baby shower chair for mom is especially meant for mom to sit during her special event. She deserves the best during this special event, to make her feel special and also to tell her how important she is for her family and friends. She should feel like a queen, also she should have her own special chair. Look out for a seat that will make her comfort during the function. You can also even add cushions, as well as a few soft pillows at her back. However, there are a lot of chairs that are different from each other when we talk about comfort

You can keep cushions on the chair to make feel comfortable when she sits on the chair  during the baby shower event. Also you can use a rocking chair or a loveseat for the mom and dad-to-be to make them sit together. This is the most special and a perfect way to showcase the new start of their parental life.

baby shower chair covers


The decoration of the baby shower chair cover totally depends on the theme of the event. You can put some colorful and soft cushions to make the mother feel at warmth. Chairs come in different shapes, sizes, textures and quality. There are chairs which are made for this special occasion and are more comfortable for them than others. You can use a rocking chair or even a love seat so the mom and dad-to-be can sit together. This is comfortable, practical and a perfect way to welcome the parents. Baby shower chair decoration can be done with tulle, start by collecting two to three different colors that coordinate with the shower color theme. You can also present the shower as a meaningful gift to the mom-to-be. Buy or make a large knitted blanket for her to give to her child one day. Arrange it over the chair so it’s a surprise her when she first enters the room. She sits on it comfortably, and then takes it home as a memorable memory. If you want to decorate a chair with rails and spindles, then cut the strips around 10 feet long. You may need long pieces of strips if you’re decorating a larger chair. Hold the pieces with their ends together. You can twist the colors together if you would like to. Find the middle end of the tulle and hold it against the middle of the top rail of the chair back. Tie the tulle to the chair rail with a  ribbon strip or a piece of wire. Drape the rest of the tulle around the frame of the chair, tie it with ribbon or wire in a few places. If you are using wire, then tie the bows or silk flowers around those spots to bundle it. Slowly pull the tulle to fluff it.


Any woman who carries a baby for 40 long weeks at a stretch, morning sickness and many more things from which she has to go through, deserves to put up her feet and be adored. It may not be possible every day, but her baby shower provides the perfect opportunity to go all out. All eyes will be on her while she opens gifts, so decorating her chair is the easiest way to make her feel extraordinary. If you are  planning your own baby shower or planning a shower for a mama-to-be, then you don’t need much more than tulle or fabric to quickly turn an old boring and a regular chair into a throne for making the occasion more special for her.

baby shower chair decorations


For all the would be mothers this occasion is a joyful ceremony to help the mother to feel relaxed for welcoming the new amazing life. Baby showers are a fun and emotional event and the three major things which should be involved in the event are games, food and gifts because any events are incomplete without these 3 things. This is the e time where mom’s want to look their best and flaunt her beautiful baby bump.