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Though you have grown up using a baby Walker yourself, there are not better and safer options for getting your newborn baby to take their first steps. Walking correctly without any hindrance is essential for babies to strengthen their leg bones and joints and encourage their little ones to move. Some studies show that baby walkers don’t encourage healthy walking, so you can always use alternatives to baby walkers if you don’t want your baby to use walkers. 

Below are some of the best alternatives to baby walkers for your moving baby:

A handheld Walker can be an excellent alternative to a regular baby Walker as it keeps your baby stable while they are trying to walk. Below listed are some famous alternatives to walkers that you should keep in mind. Each one of these offers significant benefits in comparison to a regular Walker. Let’s take a look at these. 

baby stationary walker

Baby Stationary Walker

These resemble precisely like the original baby walkers, but a stationary walker is far safer than others, as they don’t have wheels. These walkers are usually round with a seat for the baby at the center to play with the toys. The seats are comfortable, and they even have adjustable heights on a platform to encourage the strengthening of legs. All you need to know is that a baby stationary Walker takes up a lot of your house space to keep it. 

Baby Jumpers

Baby jumpers, also known as exersaucers or bouncers, are made in a way that helps your baby to jump quickly without any harm. These are the safest alternatives and can be attached to almost every place at your house. Sometimes you’ll also get a stationary Walker doubled up as baby jumpers. 

Plush Toys

These are the toys that help a standing or walking baby take its steps. It would help if you always looked for plush toys that are easy to handle for kids while pushing it. Look for a toy that is comfortable for your kid while walking.It is a great walker for babies. These toys have wheels, so always keep an eye on your kid whenever he or she is using it. These toys are the best if you have a low budget yet want the best for your kid. 

a walker for babies

Play Yard or Playpen

With a good playpen, you can help your child play, stand and walk without any danger. With a good playpen, you can indulge yourself with your household work while your baby is fiddling with the playpen. But, remember that your child needs interaction, so don’t leave it with the playpen for longer periods.

Floor Time & Natural Walking 

As a parent, if you want your child to walk naturally, then forget about using all the Walker alternatives and let your baby learn how to walk without any assistance from gadgets or toys. It is best to allow your child to learn how to walk barefoot on the floor as it can help to add stability and develop strong muscles of the legs and feet. Getting the feeling of the floor can help your baby feel secured and walk faster without any assistance from gadgets. 

stationary walker

Final Note

Almost every parent wants their baby to walk quickly with the help of a Walker. This fact is very accurate, but a Walker can delay your baby’s growth and development to some extent. If your baby isn’t walking or standing by 12 months or hasn’t taken his first steps, then it is a matter of concern, and you should consult with your doctor immediately. Hence, you should always find the best alternatives which would help your baby to walk fast naturally.