When you’re outside, especially on the road, one product that you should have with you to protect your little kid is a car sun shade.

Sunlight is very harsh, and the best car sun shade for baby would not only protect the kid from light but also protect him from the dangerous UV rays as well.

To ensure that your kid stays both protected and comfortable, you’ll need to find the best car shade for baby. Here’s everything you need to remember while getting the right car shade for your vehicle.

best window shade for baby


A car sun shade gives much-needed protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun to your baby. While the glass efficiently blocks UV rays from the sun, the side windows permit UV rays to penetrate through it. 

The harmful UV exposure is linked with:

  • Premature aging & low immunity
  • Development of skin cancer & cataracts
  • Muscular degeneration & eye cancers. 
  • Sun burns and pterygium, which is the growth in the cornea. 

If you select the car sun shade that provides UV protection, it offers an extra layer of protection to your baby from the sun, protecting them from potential skin & eye damage.

This sun shade also donates to your kid’s comfort. If the sunshine is directly streaming down on your baby,  then it can highly increase the temperature even more. So, a sun shade is a great barrier that can help in blocking direct sunlight and keep the heat off your baby.


There are a plethora of sun shades that are available in the market. These sun shades come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different-sized windows, from large vans to compact vehicles.

Some of the sun shades are:

  • Pop-Out:  It is the best window shade for baby. It has a wireframe that “pops out” when we remove the package. They’re rectangular in shape and are fixed to the windows with the help of suction cups.
  • Pull-Down: These sun shades are attached to the car window and can be pulled up or down depending upon your needs and preferences. 
  • Static Cling: It is among the best car windows shades for baby and it sticks to your car’s window without even using suction caps. You can easily remove it when not in use. 
  • Semi-Permanent: You can easily cut the film to the size of your window and then stick it to the car window. This one is basically a semi-permanent solution, which means it isn’t much easy to remove and reapply. 

best car window shades for baby


When getting a car sun shade, look for the following:

  1. UVA Protection: For maximum level of protection for your child, you must select a car shade that will protect your baby from the harmful sun rays, by blocking them. 
  2. Large Suction Cups: For better efficiency, it needs to be to the window! If you’re selecting a car shade with suction cups, make sure that they’re large enough to protect the child from the falling sun rays. 
  3. Semi-permanent Or Removable: You should first decide whether you need to transfer your shade between the vehicles or detach it occasionally. If you need a solution that can stay on the window for long-term, then go for a semi-permanent solution.


Whenever you think of safety for kids, you’re most probably thinking about their car seat. But don’t forget to get a car shade for sun protection, too. It protects your kid and prevents all kinds of skin damage. It is you duty to keep your child safe, inside or outside!