There are a lot of points to remember when you bring your newborn baby home from the hospital. Doesn’t matter if you are formula feeding or breastfeeding your baby. It’s likely that at some point, your kid will be taking a bottle to drink. Catering your baby is a very challenging task. Hence, you should always ensure that you’re using the best baby dish soap to clean your toddler’s bottles and dishes. 

To make things precise, we have made it easier for you by compiling a list of the best baby dish soaps you can easily choose from. 

best baby bottle soap


  • Dapple Baby Bottle And Dish Liquid

This soap has been tested multiple times only to prove that it is 50% more effective than other brands that sell baby dish liquids. It is also fragrance free & hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about irritated or dry skin after washing your hands. This soap is great for people who don’t like strong residual smells left on their dishes after washing them. It makes use of baking soda to fight unwanted odor left behind on sippy cups, bottles, breast pump accessories, or even toys. 

Note: This is the best dish soap for baby bottles and produces plenty of bubbles, so it goes a long way. 

  • ATTITUDE Baby Dish Soap

This baby dish soap is eco-friendly & vegan. It is made with a special ingredient known as saponin, which works great against milk residues, grease, and other odors from dirty bottles. Besides, it is also fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, so it’ll leave your skin clean and soft after using it. 

The packaging is a pump bottle, which is super convenient and easy to use. The safe procedure of this dish soap can be used for breast pump accessories, milk bottles as well as your child’s toys.

Note: This soap is made to break down the milk residue, so it might not be the best for normal dishwashing.

  • BabyGanics Foaming Dish Soap

BabyGanics is a renowned brand that makes their products with natural ingredients and are also chemical free. This dish soap is fragrance free and has a gentle texture. It is also extra soft and moisturizing towards your skin, while you still give your bottles a tough cleaning. The pump bottle shape makes it easier to get the perfect amount of soap for every use. 

Note: This soap often comes in a pack of two which is meant to refill the original soap bottle. So, you’ll require to purchase that separately. 

best dish soap for baby bottles


Yes, absolutely! You can definitely save your hands from washing dishes by putting everything in the dishwasher! This idea is environment-friendly too, as it makes use of less water than hand washing. Moreover, the water gets hotter, which means it would clean the dishes better. 

If you aren’t very sure if your dishwasher is doing a great job, you can just sterilize the bottles with baby bottle cleaner soap or best baby bottle soap after washing them for extra safety and security of your baby’s bottles.


Baby bottles and dishes have different requirements as compared to other dishes as they remove the milk film while keeping your baby extra safe. Remember to sterilize as it is a great way of removing viruses and bacteria rather than an antibacterial soap. 

Nonetheless, the best option available on the market is the Attitude Baby Bottle Dish Soap which has a super clean ingredient list. Moreover, it comes in a great size and has an easy to use container that is ready to make both you and your baby happy.