Kids are drawn to toys just like bees draw towards honey. Even if kids don’t have toys in front of them, they’ll play with every other thing they see. Toys are simple objects that children love to fiddle with and explore the world around them. However, try getting gross motor toys for toddlers, as these toys are fun to play with, and they also require little kids to get up and move while making them fit and healthy. 

Gross motor toys have some great classics, and some toys also have an improved twist to make them better. All of these gross motor toys for toddlers are great for outdoor and indoor recess activities. 

gross motor toys


The best gross motor skills toys are:

  • Riverstones

It improves your kid’s balancing & jumping power by letting kids hop and jump on these colorful rocks. The best part is that it also comes under the indoor gross motor toys category. 

  • Hopscotch Foam Mat

With this, kids can test their number counting skills, and they can also practice hoping and jumping on one foot. Make sure your kids throw the bean bag to make this game. 

  • Outdoor Easel

Painting is always fun in the outdoors on plexiglass. The smooth surface makes it easier to clean and is the best for outdoor use. 

  • Jump It Steppers

These walking cups are super easy and fun to use. Kids can instantly obtain a few inches of growth by balancing & walking on this gross motor toy.

  • Parachute

This particular toy is super impressive. There are so many activities that you can explore with a parachute toy. All you need to do is turn on the music and ask your kid to hide underneath the parachute. You could also explain to your kid the math vocabulary like fast, up, down, slow, etc. 

  • Number Bean Bags

Instead of using the regular bean bags, you should always prefer using those bags with numbers on top of it. This way, your kid can quickly come across numbers while improving his or her gross motor skills.

gross motor skills toys

  • Colorful Cones

Set up a race start line and a finish line and play games with these colorful sets of cones. To make the thing more fun and exciting, you can ask your kid to kick the cones over and then again place them back in their initial position by using their feet. 

  • Play Tunnel

This particular play tunnel is an enthralling toy for kids. It helps in stretching and doing exercises that help in growing muscles. Kids love this toy as it is super colorful. You would also get a bag to store while purchasing. 

  • Step-A-Logs

This log set works similarly like a balance beam does, but you can place the logs in different directions and in one straight line.

  • Tricycle

This is a very essential toy for your little kid. Just make sure that your kid wears a helmet while driving the tricycle.

  • Basketball Hoops

It is a fun game for kids as well as preschoolers. This can highly improve your kid’s muscle growth, focus, and determination.

  • Platform Swing

This is the best if you have two kids. And the best part is that even an adult can use it. It has a flat platform which is very sturdy and is enough to handle people efficiently.

indoor gross motor toys


What are your favorite gross motor toys that you love offering your kid? Remember to choose toys that can keep your baby active always! Toys are the best tools that can divert your baby’s mind for good and keep it safe and active throughout.