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Teething can be a complicated phase for your baby. As a parent, you would want to do everything possible in your control to make your little one feel comfortable during his teething period. But, what can you do? In case you have tried out several techniques, but nothing came out fruitful, consider giving preference to essential oils for teething babies

Essential oils for teething can prove as a great comfort oil for your baby’s teeth. These oils have been used for ages as medicines. However, when using it for babies, you should use it in a limited quantity to keep your baby out of danger. 

essential oils for teething


Essential oils are a form of aromatherapy and are extracted from medicinal plants. These oils contain the essence, which is mainly the scent of the plant. This aromatic oil is mixed with regular oil and then made in use. Essential oils for teething help the baby by providing comfort to his teeth pain. It is not a one-stop solution, but it can help in various ways if used correctly. 


The ways by which a teething oil for babies can help reduce the pain are:

• It soothes the pain which is caused by swelling or inflammation of the gums. 

• These oils calm the baby from the inside out. 

• Essential oils provide relief from the pain when the teeth cut through the gums. 

• These oils also help in preventing infections that are present in the gums. 


Essential oils provide a lot of relief from the pain that your baby is going through. But, these oils must be considered as the last alternative for comforting the pain. Before attempting to use these oils for your baby, you must know what oils are suitable for your child as they have an immediate effect. 

➝ For Early Teething Baby
If the teething pain begins early, between 4 to 7 months of age, then you can use only two essential oils for your baby. Mix the essential oil with regular oil and do not apply directly to the skin. 

⁍ Chamomile Oil
It is known for its quick reaction, and it is also among some popular oils. It is super safe for babies and is non-toxic as well. 

How To Use?
The best way to use this oil is to put two or three drops in a water-filled vaporizer. If you massage this oil along the jawline of the baby, it provides instant relief. 

⁍ Lavender Oil
This is best suited for babies less than 6 months of age. It is non-toxic and has soothing properties. This is an instant reliever and calms the baby as soon as it is applied. 

How To Use?
It should be mixed with regular oil and then massaged along the jawline. 

➝ For Children Above 2 Years
Most of the babies begin their teething journey from 6 months of age until they get a set of 20 teeth by the time they are 2 years of age. Below listed are some oils that you can use for your child. 

⁍ Clove Oil
Clove oil for teething babies is exceptionally beneficial for reducing tooth pain. It acts as an effective antiseptic as well. 

How To Use?
To use it ideally, blend this essential oil with normal oil and then massage it along the gums. Make sure your child doesn’t consume it. 

⁍ Copaiba Oil
It provides instant relief to your teething baby. This should be mixed with your carrier oil before using it. 

How To Use?
This should be used every 4-5 years and should be massaged on the face and jawline of the baby. 


Essential oils have gained a prominent space in today’s generation as they are obtained naturally from plants and herbs. It is super powerful and should be used with proper care.