New parents are constantly finding out things to keep their little babies engaged in a productive manner, and busy books for toddlers are one of the best ways to do so while being focused on developing special skills in kids. 

Busy books for toddlers are also sometimes made of fabrics, and each page focuses on a special and different skill to inspire creativity. They’re a liberator for those times when keeps need to be kept busy, focused and quiet. The best part about these books is that they can be easily customized according to the requirements and skill levels of your kid. 

quiet book for toddlers


Below are some of the best toddler activity books:

  • First Words Sticker Activity Book, where toddlers can enjoy stickers that are available in different sizes and shapes. Toddlers can remove and re-stick the stickers on books, themselves and around them. The stickers are not very cohesive, so parents don’t need to worry about their furniture as the sticker won’t stick for long over them. 
  • Water WOW books, which is a water coloring book and is reusable without making any mess. Once they dry, the pictures can be painted again. 
  • Best Origami Book, which would surely entertain your child. It has 20 origami colorful projects. And the children would be super delighted to see paper animals like dogs, crabs, etc. 


A quiet book for toddlers is a book that is designed to assist toddlers practice and develop new skills. The activities mainly include snaps, buttons, zippers etc. The typical age for quiet books is about two to five years. 

Children who play with a quiet book can get a lot of benefits and develop motor skills. 

Some benefits are:

  • Development Benefits
  1. Motor skill development
  2. Logical thinking and problem solving
  3. Hands and eye coordination. 
  • Learning Skills
  1. Creativity
  2. Sorting and matching skills
  3. Learning about geometrical shapes
  4. Colour knowing skills. 

sensory books for toddlers


Sensory books are customizable and interactive books that are made of fabric. These books are specially made to keep the toddlers busy with educational activities that enhance their medical growth and development and also stimulate their senses. 

The reasons why sensory books are great for kids are:

  • Affordable

These books are super reasonable, and you can literally end up making them yourselves in just a few dollars. You can also get them online if you have a higher budget. All these books are made of fabric or fabric sheets. 

  • Customizable

These toddler activity books are customizable. You can customize the pages, colors, purpose or theme according to the needs and preferences of your child. The best part is that you can add your kid’s name on the front part of the book. 

  • Engaging

These sensory books are super engaging and will always keep your child busy and focused. They are available online for you to purchase them. The activities included are, braiding the doll, counting alphabets, jumbled words etc. These are customizable, and you can get them customized according to your child’s abilities and skills. 

toddler activity book


These books are very engaging and are mainly made of fabric/fabric sheets, so they don’t tend to tear up easily and last for years or more. They are a perfect travel companion for your kid which would make your kid engaged while traveling. Children can learn different things on the run. If you want your child to learn and develop faster, definitely get these books. These books are affordable and non-toxic and would highly help and develop your child’s creative mind while promoting speech and multisensory stimulation in your child.