Being a nurturing mother is very difficult, but it becomes more challenging for a working lady. No sooner do you finish off with your maternity leave, you are required to again get back to work, while you and your baby might just have started to spend some hours apart. So here you would know about we’ll provide some best mini fridge choices for breast milk to hardworking mommies.

As this condition brings in a lot of other complications and deprivations, the greatest one being the feeding of your baby, in this case, the only thing you can do is to store the breast milk in a mini fridge for breast milk as otherwise, you’ll have to pump the milk regularly before you leaving for work and it can go to waste.

Generally, you can use the breast milk for almost 5 to 7 hours at average temperature, but this isn’t always going to work well considering the weather or at times when you are running late, and this is where a mini fridge for breast milk will come to your rescue. 

In a mini-fridge for baby bottles, the breast milk won’t go stale for up to seven days and would be fresh for you to feed your child. 

mini fridge for baby bottles


  • Astro AI Mini Fridge Portable

This is one of the best mini freezer for breast milk and is an excellent purchase if you need to store milk for a shorter period. This one’s very affordable and is fantastic for people who are on a budget. The design is very small and compact and is great for portable use. It can store up to 6 cans at one go. You can also keep your water bottles during long car rides. A semiconductor chip has been used, which is eco-friendly and freon-free. 

  • Cooluli Mini Fridge

This one’s both a cooler and a warmer that can be used in an office as well as at home. It has a thermoelectric cooling process and is popularly used as a beverage and milk cooler, and is highly preferred by mothers. This freezer is environment-friendly and consumes low energy. You can easily switch the mode from cooler to warmer. It is portable, so you cantrips easily carry it on your short trips as it comes with a carrying handle. 

  • Think Gizmos Mini Fridge

This freezer has an enticing look and works both as a cooler and a warmer. This is a perfect addition for your office as well as home. It can be a great purchase to store breast milk for up to 24 hours. It has a carrying handle so that you can easily carry it on your trips. It is very lightweight and comes with removable shelf accessories. 

mini freezer for breast milk


  • Size: Depending on your needs, the size of the freezer should be such that it could store 3 to 4 breast milk bottles ranging from 4 litres to 100 litres.
  • Type: It is a convection fridge that comes with a compressor to easily store the milk if you want the milk to be stored for 24 hours.
  • Temperature: The temperature range should be between 39°C and 4°C. So, make sure to check the temperature of all the fridge compartments.
  • Portability: It is a very important factor to look for in a fridge if you want to store milk, as sometimes you would also need to carry the freezer on tours and trips.

best freezer for breast milk


If your only priority is to store breast milk, then you definitely get it. However, you should look for a fridge that comes with a separate freezer section.