Today, teachers and families from all over the globe are introducing yoga to their children. From the classroom to YouTube videos about yoga, it is becoming a significant part of a kid’s life everywhere. It is a pleasure to know that yoga is growing among kids so much, and they are even practising it with their family and friends. 

Yoga books for kids are a great way to keep kids busy and introduce some classic yoga poses fun and safe. Through pictures and stories, kids can increase their overall strength and movement and improve their flexibility while discovering newer tools to calm themselves down. 

Below is a list of some great yoga books for kids that can add some interesting spark to your kid’s life. 

baby yoga book


  • 123 African Safari: A Counting Baby Yoga Book

This book can help your kid practice some great animal poses as he or she drinks like a zebra or sleeps like a lion. Your kid can also learn and practice counting till 15. This book constitutes 15 yoga poses for kids and is also an excellent guide for parents and teachers. 

  • The Grateful Giraffe: A Book Full of Feelings

From this book, kids can learn to express their feelings via yoga. This book helps your kids to learn about different animals and relate to their behaviour and emotions. 

  • Good Night, Animal World: A Nighttime Yoga Book For Toddlers

Your kid can learn to say good night via some calming yoga poses. In this book, you get to see a list jotted down that also acts as a parent guide. 

  • Maria Explores The Ocean: A Colorful Book For Kids

This book helps your kid to learn some beautiful ocean yoga poses that can eventually calm their mind. Your kid can learn to glide, float and cruise like sea animals. Also, your child can get to know about various sea animals too. 

  • Hello Bali: A Good Morning Yoga Book

This is among the best meditation books for kids. Your kid can learn to energize his or her mind with calming island yoga poses. 

  • The ABC’s Of Australian Animals: An Alphabet Yoga Book

This book is the best as your kid can learn about alphabets while acting like Australian animals. It is also an excellent guidebook for both teachers and parents. 

meditation books for kids


  • Yoga helps children to manage stress. Managing stress is a skill that is needed for both children and adults. 
  • Various yoga poses can teach your child about their body, and it’s movements and what all they are capable of doing. 
  • It improves your child’s growing flexibility while reducing the chances of injury. 
  • It also allows your kid to express themselves in front of their elders. It works to bring peace to your child’s mind. 
  • Doing yoga regularly enhances your child’s concentration level, which in turn improves their academic performance. 
  • Yoga is also known to keep diseases at bay and boosts metabolism. 


Think of yourself as a teacher and constantly guide your child while opening your heart. You’ll see that eventually, your kid will invite you for yoga. If you select to join them, the learning and teaching process would be very impressive and would also provide an opportunity for everyone to create, grow and express themselves. Yoga is a classic example to inform people about the human body also. After practising yoga, they began to understand that all of us are made of some stuff, just in different shapes and sizes. Remember that yoga is the only medicine that can keep you fit.