If you have got a kid with narrow and skinny feet then getting shoes for them would be a lot easier. On the other hand, if your baby has wide feet, then you have a lot of work when it comes to finding the perfect toddler shoes for wide feet. 

Before we dive deep into the variety of shoes that are perfect for wide toddler feet, let’s talk about the things to look for in a shoe for in baby shoes for wide feet. 

best baby shoes for wide feet


  • Flexible

Little babies trying to take steps for the first ever time need a lot of flexibility. Hence, you should always look for shoes that have a soft rubber sole and are flexible. 

  • Opens Easily

 Kids with wide feet face difficulties while slipping into shoes that are not easy to open. Shoes & sandals that don’t have much space on top might not be okay for babies with wide feet.

  • Traction

Once your little baby learns to walk properly, you need to look for the best baby shoes for wide feet that provide nice traction to your baby and can avoid any unwanted falls. 

  • Comfortable

 Toddlers are used to wearing socks during this period. So, if you don’t want any fight when you put shoes on your baby, make sure that the shoes are comfortable. Always search for a supportive and soft foam insert when shopping.

Finding toddler shoes for wide feet is very challenging, but not at all impossible. Are you facing difficulty while finding the perfect shoe for your toddler? Well, here are perfect solutions for your kid. 

toddler shoes for wide feet


  • Crocs

In case you are looking for shoes that fits easily on your wide toddler feet then look no further than crocs! These are among some best baby shoes for wide feet and are super spacious for chubby feet, and also let’s air to pass through.  As a bonus, crocs can also be used as water and beach shoes during summers. 

  • Stride Rite

Some shoes are wide or extra wide. However, Stride Rite offers both of these sizes! Stride Rite has been around for many years now. In fact, you yourself paired these shoes when you were a little toddler. These shoes are great for first time walkers. They come with rounded toes that are perfect for helping babies to balance better. These shoes are comfortable and flexible and have foam inserts for better durability. 

  • Ikiki

These shoes are perfect for kids with tiny feet.  Apart from the fact that Ikiki shoes come in many colors, they’re also designed to enhance good walking habits in kids. 

These shoes have a squeaker thing that goes off when your child walks in a heel-toe position, rather than tip-toeing, which is an incorrect walking manner for kids. Also, you can turn off these squeakers if you are outside or need a quiet environment. 

  • Saucony

Saucony sneakers are very cute and are perfect for a day out at parks. Your toddler can easily play with these shoes on as they are super comfortable. If you’re looking for something like a tennis shoe but with wide feet, then you can definitely check these shoes. The toe portion is very wide with a soft tongue. Hence, it won’t leave any marks on your kid’s feet. 

best kid shoes for wide feet


Finding perfect shoes for wide feet babies is totally easy! You just need to look for shoes that are flexible and easy to bend and have a wide opening with a great base. 

Fortunately, shoe manufacturers are observing the fact that chubby baby feet switch into chubby toddler feet, so there are plenty of options.