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Deciding that you are going to bottle feed your kid is a great decision to make while considering several different factors. However, this is not the ending. Now, you need to decide a particular brand and then the milk formula. For mothers who decide against breast feeding for whatever reasons, the main step is to find a milk formula that has as many nutritional benefits of the natural breast milk. 

similac pro advance vs similac advance


Both of these milk formulas are almost the same in terms of their structure and ingredients, except for a few differences. For some parents, the difference between similac advance and pro advance may be a factor to make their final decision while for others it may not. 

  • Similac Advance Does Not Have 2″ – FL HMO, While The Pro Advance Does

This is the main difference when talking about similac advance vs pro advance. The natural breast milk contains various human milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) which helps in supporting the immune system of your baby. HMO’s are the third most vital ingredients in breast milk as they encourage the growth of good bacteria in your baby’s digestive system. 

  • Similac Pro Advance Does Not Contain Any GMO Ingredients. 

Advance milk formula has ingredients that are generally found in genetic animals and plants. While, none of these ingredients can be seen in the pro advance formula. Parents and Nutritionalist always hail for Non- GMO foods because they have no added preservative and chemicals and are very pure. Some benefits of Non-GMO for your baby are:

  1. Fewer allergies. 
  2. Protects the internal organs of your baby. 
  • Price Difference Between Similac Pro Advance Vs Similac Advance. 

Similac pro advance is expensive as compared to the similac advance milk formula. However, pro advance does offer a lot of nutrition and is closest to breast milk. 

  • Effects On Tummies. 

Both of these formulas contains different ingredients. But, pro advance is known for reducing vomiting and gastric disorders in little ones. Also the similac advance milk formula also contains the same ingredients and are highly effective for vomiting and gas but parents have complained that it triggers mild allergies in babies. 

similac advance vs pro advance


Both of these formulas contains a special additional formula called optigro. This further contains ingredients like vitamin E, DHA, Lutein and Prebiotics. 

  • DHA: This is one of the Omega3 fatty acids and is responsible for maintenance of brain and eye of the baby. 
  • Lutein: It has powerful antioxidants features and mainly focusses on upgrading the retina of your baby’s eyes. It protects the eatina to get damaged by the harmful blue light and act’s as an antioxidant. 
  • Vitamin E: It is an antioxidant that deals with your baby’s skin. It supports the development of skin cells to give it a healthy glow. 


A customer on Amazon reviewed, “5 out of 5 stars! it is an easy switch from breast milk to formula. At first I was nervous when I had to switch. I thought my baby wouldn’t consume it at all but she took it without any hesitation. Also, she had no adverse reactions or allergies. 

similac pro advance reviews


After observing both similac advance and pro advance, we see that similac pro advance is a better choice in terms of nutrition and quality. The most positive thing about this formula is that it’s unique ingredients makes it the closest to the actual breast milk. It’s only you who can make a decision as to which formula is great for your baby. However, if you are on a budget even similac advance is a great choice.