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Nuna mixx vs UPPAbaby Cruz  are one of the most famous strollers that are high end. Below is a comparison between Nuna mixx vs UPPAbaby cruz, where we’ll take a deeper look at their similarities and differences. Here we would also check their benefits and drawbacks so that you can easily decide which one would suit your lifestyle better. Keep on reading to find out more about nuna vs uppababy. 

Let’s begin comparing both nuna stroller vs uppababy by learning what is included with each stroller. After that, we will read about the strollers’ features and see which one performs the best. 

nuna vs uppababy


Both the strollers are pretty expensive so people would obviously expect them to have at least some of the accessories included in the overall package.

  • Items in Uppababy Cruz are a stroller with a bumper bar & a seat which has a shield and rain cover. 
  • Items in Nuna mixx include a stroller with a dual seat, a bar and a ring adapter for infants. 

However, you are required to get all the other accessories like child trays separately. 


  • Price

All the new upgrades made for the uppababy cruz stroller, caused its price to increase in comparison with older versions. Whereas, Nuna mixx is more expensive than uppababy strollers. So, it is recommended to get the uppababy stroller as you would also get a cup holder for free. 

  • Seat

The uppababy Cruz stroller is suitable for babies upto three months or 50 pounds. Whereas the nuna mixx stroller is suitable for babies since birth. Hence, in term of size, uppababy Cruz is great but, experts recommend using a nuna mixx stroller as it is breathable. 

  • Bassinet

Today, you can purchase separate bassinets for different strollers. But, it is al ays great to add bassinets from the beginning to ensure long walks. 

However, the nuna mixx stroller is highly recommended as we can use a bassinet stand with a toddler seat like a portable chair. 

  • Seating Configurations

Both of these strollers have 4 seating configurations each. However, in a uppababy Cruz, you can attach a glider board whereas, in a nuna mixx stroller, you cannot. 

So, it is clear that uppababy Cruz is better than nuna mixx as it is compatible for your second child too. 

  • Canopy

Both the strollers have canopies which provide protection from the sun. The uppababy Cruz has a peek-a-boo window type which is made of mesh for air passage. The nuna mix has a window zipper. However, parents complain a lot about nuna mixx’s stability. So, uppababy Cruz stroller is the winner here. 

  • Handlebar

The handlebar is almost the same for both the strollers. However, their heights are different. The uppababy Cruz stroller is better and can be used by taller parents efficiently. 

  • Size And Weight

In case you are wondering, which stroller is smaller then let us tell you that the nuna mixx stroller is comparatively smaller and lighter than the uppababy Cruz stroller. Hence, it is very clear that uppababy Cruz stroller is the best and efficient. 

  • Folding

Both of these strollers are very easy to fold. But, the appliances work very differently. You can pull the nuna mixx stroller like a trolley unlike uppababy Cruz. Hence, nuna mixx is a clear winner. 

nuna stroller vs uppababy


Remember that uppababy Cruz would be a great choice for you as it is highly foldable and is great for infants. Choosing the right stroller fir their baby is very important as with the right stroller the baby can feel right at place and would be always happy and cheerful.