Diaper rash can be extremely agonizing and uncomfortable for your little baby. While there are a variety of over the counter treatments available, including creams, powders and lotions, some of them might contain harmful ingredients that may irritate your child’s skin even more. Earlier, talcum powders were known to be effective and safe to treat diaper rashes in kids but now experts have been informed that they cause skin and lung irritation in powder form. 

Many health trends come and go, but essential oils for diaper rash have been extensively and reliable utilized for thousands of years now. Aromatic plants have a lot of uses like soothing the skin, treating burns and also relaxing and calming the mind. 

natural diaper rash treatment


  • Chamomile 

It comes under the category of essential oils for severe diaper rash. It is also beneficial for kids who have trouble while sleeping. This oil is known to have some soothing effects and is used to treat insomnia in both adults as well as babies. 

  • Mandarin

Again, this oil has calming effects and is almost similar to the lavender oil. This one’s great for babies who have sensitive skin and are irritated by the fragrance of lavender. This oil can be easily applied and does not harm your baby’s skin. 

  • Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is great to calm your kid and also encourage sleep if your baby is fussy and restless. Apart from treating diaper rash, it can also treat insect bites and reduce pain and itchiness. 

  • Tea Tree

Tea tree essential oil is an antifungal and antimicrobial oil. Adding a few drops of this oil with your regular baby oil can help to prevent diaper rash and fungal infections. 

Note: Tea tree oil is strong and should not be used for babies less than 6 months. Also, perform a patch test before utilizing this oil. 

essential oils for severe diaper rash


Some natural home treatments for diaper rash in babies are:

  • Use Breast Milk

Breastfeeding mothers might already have an idea that the breast milk does wonders for your kid. You can just rub the milk on your baby’s body to prevent diaper rashes. Breast milk has great biodynamic features. 

  • Prepare Your Own Diaper Rash Cream

You can prepare a diaper rash balm for your kid very easily. The balm should consist of coconut oil for diaper rash, shea butter and olive oil as they have zinc oxide and are antifungal as well. You can store this handmade cream in the freezer and use it whenever you want. Before application, warm the cream by rubbing it in your hands first. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can kill the bacteria that worsens the diaper rash in babies. Use one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and wash your baby’s bottom each time you change the diaper. 

  • Cornstarch

Try applying cornstarch to your baby’s dry bottom instead of using talc. Keep a bowl of cornstarch near your diaper keeping area and use it after using the handmade diaper cream. Just keep the cornstarch or any other powder away from your baby’s lungs. 

coconut oil for diaper rash


In case your baby’s rash isn’t reducing, it is always recommended to consult with a baby doctor and make sure nothing is serious. Rashes can be very harmful and vulnerable if not treated on time. 

As a parent, make sure that you change your baby’s diaper twice or thrice a day to keep him or her safe from all the bacterial infections like rashes and skin irritation. Your baby would be the happiest if his hygiene is perfect and clean.