Hand sanitizer helps to prevent the spreading of germs and disease. Just washing your hands with soap and water is not enough for you to keep your hands germs free. Besides washing your hands one should also use hand sanitizer which contains at least 60% of alcohol content in it. It is the next best choice after washing your hands. Soap and water are not always available but this is where hand sanitizers come into play.  Hand sanitizers are the best alternative and help to prevent the spreading of diseases almost as good as hand washing through soap and water.


Nowadays, hand sanitizers have become the most important part in your day to day life. Hand sanitizers are a perfect goody bag to add in, party flavor, baby shower and is also a very thoughtful gift nowadays. Hand sanitizer labels can be customized according to the party of your theme, events or it can also include personal names and details too. Hand sanitizer labels are popularly used in events and functions like Wedding, bridal showers, baby showers, School supplies, Birthdays and Parties. Baby shower hand sanitizer labels should cover at least 40% of the front size of the bottle and the bottle should contain the statement regarding the product, why it is used for, and the statement regarding the occasion why it is being printed. The bottle should contain the net weight of the product in ml. There are many companies who mention their company name and logo on the display board.

baby shower hand sanitizer


Custom hand sanitizer labels offer a variety of  customized options for you to create a design according to your own choice. The label hand of baby shower hand shower comes in different shapes like square, rectangle shape and you can also choose between cut to size or even in a roll format.

Cut to size labels are cut separately according to the shaping size. It is easy to apply simply, bend and peel the labels one by one.

There are two types of materials for cut to size hand sanitizer labels:

  • White paper sticker- it is basically used indoors and comes in matte, glossy or high gloss coating.
  • White vinyl sticker- it is durable and waterproof label material. It comes in high gloss coating that makes it resistant to high temperature, and other outdoor elements


There are many different varieties of flavors of hand sanitizers which are easily available in the market. Cute hand sanitizer baby shower flavors are a great way to thank your guests and those who all have joined the baby shower party. The idea of hand sanitizer baby shower flavors ideas are classy yet it is expensive. Here are some wonderful ideas for hand sanitizer baby shower flavors.

  • Lemon flavor
  • Orange flavor
  • Green apple flavor
  • Litchi flavor
  • Strawberry flavor
  • Lavender flavor
  • Rose flavor

custom hand sanitizer labels


Although hand sanitizers do a great job and help by preventing the transmission of diseases. It is very important for the would be mom’s or new mom’s to use hand sanitizer before touching their baby or any other things kept nearby. It is also important for the ones who are coming in contact with the mom’s to sanitize their hands first before coming in contact with them. Hand sanitizer is totally safe and effective and has a minimal amount of disadvantages. It is very much important to choose the right hand sanitizer and should be used in a proper way. As hand sanitizer has alcohol content in it so, it is better to use 2-3 drops of it and spread it all over your hands, in between your fingers and also covering the all over surface area.