A door hanger is also known as a coat hanger or wire hanger. It is designed to facilitate the hanging of clothes. In every places it has it’s different use.

Baby boy hospital door hanger usually comes in a plastic or a cardboard form. It generally comes in a rectangular shape which has to be cut to hang from the handle or knob of a door. It is also known as a door hanger. Baby boy hospital door hanger can be a perfect kind of gift for the new mommies, that can be used as a photo prop for the new born baby. Hospital door hanger boy, is generally made from birch plywood which has holes for ribbons or jute to be added which is useful for hanging on walls or doors.

hospital door hanger boy


Varieties of baby boy door hanger are available in the market. You can also get the baby boy door hanger online. The door hanger with your baby’s name written helps in alerting the baby. This helps the doctor and the person who is coming to meet the baby and mom to find them out easily. Door hangers are a great way to grab people’s attention. Door hangers are made of high quality wood, can easily slide with one hand. Door hanger makes a good gift idea to be given to a new parent.


To announce the arrival of your precious little ones with a baby hospital door hanger, makes it a perfect way to welcome momma and the newborn. It makes a perfect gift for the new mothers. It can be used as a photo prop for new born baby photos on the hospital or it can also be used as a baby hospital door hanger.

The door hanger is made from birch plywood with the thickness of ¼”, wide 10″ x 8″. The hanger has holes for ribbons or jute to be added.

baby boy door hanger


Here are some easy step on how to design a door hanger:

  •     Choose the template for your door hanger

Browse or sort through thousands of door hanger templates to get your creative ideas flowing. There are many options from where you can select one of your own choice.

  •     Upload the images

Once you have chosen the template you love, start the design process by uploading the images which you have downloaded.

  •     Add text

After uploading the images, the next work is to add text or message and make the font attractive by adding colors and making a standard size as per the door hanger template.

  •     Download

After finishing the changes which are to be made, then it comes to save. After saving you are ready to take the final and last step i.e. to download the web-ready image Or you can also save a print-ready PDF.

baby hopsital door hanger


Hospital door hangers are a sign to celebrate and let everyone know that you have given birth to a new baby boy that you can hang on the hospital door as per your own choice and preferences. Door hangers are an amazing present which you can gift to the new mommy and as well as the baby.

When you and your family welcomes the new baby, you can move it to the nursery and can remember the day your special bundle of joy arrived. It can also be utilized as a nice room décor for your kid’s room. Hang this cute and adorable baby hospital door hanger up at the hospital, as it would prove to be a very special gift for the new parents.