Horse jumps for kids  are designed for safety, long life and for fun. It is the perfect addition to your child’s playground. Horse jumps are the perfect size of fun play activity for kids to learn and play.

These horse jumps for kids are designed with colorful and imaginary thoughts to delight young minds while they run, jump and play.  Horse jumps for kids are built with proper safety measures and the quality standard is just like the full sized horse jumps.


Mini horse jumps are usually sold in pieces or as sets which include a set of standards, 2 poles and 2 pairs of jump cups. These are also known as Pony jumps. It is easy to set up and convenient to store.

mini horse jumps


Hobby horse jumps are the newest trend among children. It is an amazingly enjoyable way for children and young people to exercise. If you don’t want to go for hobby horse riding then you can practice jumping with hobby horse jumps in the garden. With the help of it you can even compete with your friends and see who can jump the highest and can jump in the most stylish manner etc.

The bar is set at a height from about 20 cm to 60 cm and it is designed in such a way that it falls easily out of the holders and therefore minimizes the risk of accidents. This is made with the purpose of learning and entertainment.


So, here are some of the basic types of horse jumps discussed below

  • Cross rails

These horse jumps are rarely used in competitive events. They are made in such a way that two poles are crossed with one end of each pole, it means that the centre of the fence is lower than the sides.

  • Walls

These fences are designed in such a way that it looks like brick walls. They are made with lightweight material, so that if the horse gets knocked by the wall, then the bricks fall easily.

  • Water jumps

These are comparatively low but are wide and have a tray of water which is to be cleared by the horse. A Liverpool is a kind of jump which features a ditch or tray of water beneath an oxer.

  • Oxer

The fences feature two verticals which are closed together in order to make the jump wider. Oxers are also known as spreads. They have two poles or equal heights or can be of different heights. Oxers with top poles of equal heights are called  box oxers or square oxers. Oxers with the furthest pole higher than the first are known as ascending oxers.

  • Triple bars

These are spread fences with three elements of long height. Triple bars are usually wider than oxers in relation to their height.

  • Jokers

Jokers are tricky fences which are made up of unpainted poles. Their appearance makes your horse  confused to judge the height and also the distance. They are generally found at the higher level of sports.

  • Combinations

Combination features 2 or 3 fences in a row with not more than 2 stumps between each fence. Combinations may include fences of the same type or different type. If the horse refuses to jump up the second or third element of a combination, then they have to jump the whole combination again, not just the obstacle which they missed out on.

hobby horse jumps


Compared to leaping over obstacles dressage is often considered to be the less exciting discipline. However, the foundation of jumping is excellent flatwork. It might sound senseless but having ridden both disciplines, it can be assured that there is no better place to strengthen your jump rounds than in the racing court.