Silicone babies are also called artificial dolls. They look almost similar to a real baby. They look so realistic that it will be tough to recognize whether they are real or are made up of silicone.

This process of creating a reborn doll is known as “reborning”. At first, the silicone mould needs to be painted manually. One of the most important things which is to be kept in mind is that the shading and the colours which are to be used should be perfect, so that it completely looks like a newborn baby. The reborner which prepares the silicone baby, adds the hairs, eyebrows and lashes to give it a complete realistic look. There are many dolls who even have their eyes open.


Custom full body silicone baby is generally made from blank vinyl doll kits. The doll is then hand painted and hair has to be hand rooted to make it look as realistic as possible. The silicone baby can be customized as per your own choice and preferences. High quality materials are used to make a custom full body silicone baby.

If a person wants a sleeping baby or an awakened baby, a boy or a girl, it can be customized as per their requirements. Each baby is born with a different skin tone and complexion, the paint which is used is of a high quality and are applied in many translucent layers to give it a real finish. After the painting is completed the final sealer coating is done to protect the reborn baby’s skin.

The paints which are used are permanent and it won’t fade over time. The creases which get appeared will be shaded and he or she will be blushed in the right places. If one wants to add some other details in the baby’s skin or body like baby scratches, tiny moles, birth marks etc can also be added to it.

customize your own silicone baby


To customize your own silicone baby is not an easy task. It takes a special degree of expertise to make a realistic baby look. It’s easy to custom reborn baby dolls by giving enough time and practice. This skill can be acquired by anyone to make their own reborn silicone babies as their own needs and requirements.

If you are thinking to customize your own silicone baby then here are few steps which you need to follow:

Step 1: Preparation and Painting phase

The first way of reborning a doll is to acquire a vinyl doll. If you get a doll, then be sure to separate her limbs and then immerse it in warm water but the painting process. If you want to save your time then you can also go for an Evessed DIY Reborn Doll Kit, which comes with a head and limbs that are ready to be painted. Be sure that the skin color suits the baby well.

Step 2: Basic touch up and adding blush

The next step is to apply another coat kg paint, so that it looks more natural and to bring out the beauty of the color. This step requires a lot of time and patience because it will determine the final color of the baby and how natural the reborn baby doll will look. After the painting is done, it’s always advisable to add some blush because it adds the cuteness factor. Adding a little amount of blush in a slow and steady manner is essential for the best results.

custom reborn baby dolls


Silicone babies are artificial dolls. If you are preparing it by yourself then, don’t rush because it takes a lot of time and patience to prepare it.